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Steel has no secrets for us and structures, especially those
unusual is our speciality.

O nas - serwis maszyn industrialnych
O nas - serwis maszyn industrialnych

We are able to perform:

Steel structures (welding)

Large and small parts (cutting and bending of sheet metal and profiles)

Metal components (milling, turning)

Corrosion protection (painting/zinc coating)

... and by combining them to deliver the finished product to you

Comprehensiveness of the service

State-of-the-art machinery and production halls allow structural components to be manufactured and assembled at the company's headquarters.

Safe transport

We have our own transport fleet. Welded structures and construction components are exposed to damage during the journey to the customer. As constructors, we anticipate which components may be damaged during transport and pack the cargo in such a way as to minimise this risk.


We are distinguished by our vast experience in the sector, which translates positively into the quality of our services.

Reliability of execution

We consult with the client on all projects on an ongoing basis so that the finished structure meets the client's ideas and meets the highest standards.

Quality and standard of workmanship

The experience of our employees and modern CNC-controlled machinery guarantee quality and a standard of workmanship with precision down to 0.01 mm.

The technologies we work with:

Sheet metal, tube, profile and cnc cutting

MIG/MAG, TIG welding


Turning, milling, threading, drilling (CNC)

Structural cleaning - sandblasting


Transport to the customer


is the area of our plant
We boast ecological buildings equipped with renewable energy sources, as well as a fleet of numerically controlled machines: machining centres, plasma burners, lathes, milling machines.
O nas

POMIX is all about people

qualified staff, which makes us competitive and enables us to carry out even the most demanding orders.
O nas

Under the brand POMIX The company has been operating since 2000. At the beginning, we produced elements of small architecture: garbage cans, balustrades, gates, garages. Then we entered into cooperation with the automotive industry, for which we produced car parts.

New industries and cooperation directions breathed fresh energy into POMIX, and the company began to develop in terms of production.
By operating in the wide-ranging production of steel components and investing in machinery, we have permanently 'established' ourselves in the market.
POMIX's position on the market has allowed us to build strong and permanent relationships with our contractors and to seek out new branches of production.

Since 2008, the company has been family-owned and the further development strategy has resulted in intensive growth in terms of infrastructure as well as technology.

O nas
O nas
We help our clients solve their construction problems. We build new process lines, streamlining production and improving companies' manufacturing efficiency.
We will also create something for you or your company.
O nas